Hostels and Their Prices

The first youth hostel opened in 1912 in Germany. Since hostelling and travel changed. Yet hostel offers cheap accommodation in dormitories and today, many private rooms.
While up to 11 years ago most hostels were operated by or affiliated with the organization YHA, budget airlines changed the inn of the world so that you can find private hostels and backpackers in most major cities and tourist sites. In 2000, for example, Barcelona had a particular hostel, YHA 4 Kabul. Today you will find up to 80 or 90 hostels in all of our partners.

But with the growing number of all hostels, the competition between them is sometimes reduced quality. And many places only open to fill the wallets of their owners. Easy backpack knows how the business of the inn is. S
tay in a 4 star hotel, but they are paying.

Some hostels tend to announce facilities on their websites to make your site a more interesting aspect, or even to get backpackers reservations for multiple nights.

Because what you are, you work for your money.

Case 1:
The inn their beds in all mapped location booking sites in the city to visit. Reservation made the traveler reaches the cities of the train station, receives a score card tourist information and learns that he must retrace train or bus to get to the hostel, which is actually based in a town 40 minutes. More accrued expenses and lost time.

Always check the location when it comes hostels in major cities, especially Prague, Barcelona,
​​Paris, etc. Pay more for local transport is added to the budget.

Case 2:
The hostel offers dormitory beds for 18 ?? One night, all other hotels to check on the Web in the same city would charge 24-26 ??. Hour, breakfast supplement of 3.50 ?? Use the kitchen 1 ?? Other places had all inclusive.

Case 3:
The hostel offers a kitchen with all amenities on your site. The traveler made a reservation for 5 nights, thinking it would save money by getting groceries and cook your dinner in the kitchen. Forced to eat outside or just live in sandwiches the next 5 days, the Inn has this great deal to her, eating in the same direction.
Case 4:
Travellers checks and paid for a 4 bed dorm. In fact, the room has 5 beds, only 4 people to sleep in, no problem. 4 bed dormitory is 28?? June 1 bed only 24??. IT'S 4?? The traveler is entitled to be reimbursed.

Case 5:

The hostel has a nice outdoor space to relax. It comes with a small bar serving beer and food. The inn also has a good kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals. The hostel has signs everywhere saying "No food and drinks outside in the whole hostel!" Then he is alone in the little kitchen and eat. And the hostel makes more money selling beers for 5 ?? for travelers.

mportant rule when you want to stay in a hostel! When booking a hostel, why not write an email and ask what services you have to pay.

Florence, for example, has many private hostels. A offers dormitory of about 18 ?? D
epending on the season. Is included free breakfast (you can choose between toast or cereal to ham and eggs or omelette. There is also a free internet access, wi-fi, a walking tour in Florence and dinner offer very cheap hostel. The newly opened Hostel 26 ?? Expenses for the same room type, ?? 3 for breakfast, 5 ?? An Internet time. While features a gym , a sauna and a pool, but carrying his backpack around a month stepper machine is the last you need, and when the weather is 38 degrees Celsius and 90% humidity, a sauna is the last you want.

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