How To Keep A 5-Star Rating With Lyft

To ensure the highest income drivers may be more efficient Lyft you might be, you will want to be near a 5-star rating driver. A high rating driver is the number of drivers to limit who reject their service when they are combined with a pilot. That means less time waiting for tours and earn more driving time / money.

The solid driver standings also increases confidence that drivers have their ability. If pilots rely on you as a driver, they will feel more comfortable in your vehicle and the tour as a whole is much smoother. Ultimately, this will increase the amount of money you receive in tips, an additional bonus, which looks for every driver.

All drivers want more tips to win, and a great driver rating is a good starting point for consistently better tips. It's so easy: the advantages of quality better pay service. H
ave maintained a five-star rating for the three months that have driven for Lyft (it's more like 4.96, but in a pilot screen 5 stars rounding).

Know your city well and use the Waze app or Google Maps to supplement your knowledge. Prefer Waze, but both applications work well. If you are with your driver to get to their destination quickly and safely the most efficient route possible, drivers are much more likely to give a positive evaluation and a good tip. The fewer opportunities that have a pilot wholes to put to its competence as a pilot, the more likely they will reward you with five stars. The knowledge of your city is also a great conversation piece for tours, you can help the driver educate from out of town on the pros and cons of the city, and speak the residents about the current events in the city. Good entertainment ensures quality tours and quality tours lead to High Rankings and More Tips.

Treat each drive as a customer service job. If you have worked in the customer service industry, you know hold that the customer the number one concern is satisfied. When a driver in the car hops, be friendly, smile, and be sure to mention them by name. People want to hear your name in a positive tone. Try to have a meaningful conversation with all drivers who jump in your car. Talk about what they do for a living (people like to talk about themselves), the weather, events happening in your city, and use their knowledge of the city, to make the call. Many drivers refuel their cars with water and snacks that I personally draw the line of water, because it is cheap that no pilot could have a problem with. Everything you go ride over and beyond the expectations of a typical Lyft, do will likely increase your ranking and driver tips.

Be patient with the pilots. You will occasionally get a passenger who is too critical, intoxicated, it is rude or bad mood. It may not be the most pleasant ride to any of you, but a little damage control can go a long way to get a high driver rating.

These are just some ways to help your evaluation driver, the best way to keep this high ranking is constantly looking for ways a better driver to be.

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