How To Sell Your Product To Costco Crucial Steps!

Making the decision to do business with one of the most prosperous countries of retailers is not one of those quick ideas born brainstorming over coffee and a bagel at your local Starbucks. I'm sure you were awake at night dreaming of your product online at Costco with thousands of members calling around grabbing hold of the last element before they are all gone. You probably repeated their response to the desperate call Costco beg for more products, offer something, just get another shipment. You may never find yourself invited to the house Jim Sinegal for the holiday dinner, but that does not mean you'll never be able to sell their products at Costco if you're ready.

Thousands of companies like yours have reached Costco and sold its products successfully for years. Successful companies have in common:

    They were prepared: they have done their homework and had a plan. Your product will be great next point at Costco? Only time will tell and preparation. To begin, presented the first steps that are crucial to prepare a meeting with Costco.

    Product Selection: Determine whether a single product or multiple products will be offered. Sometimes in order to create the value necessary to meet the standards of Costco you may have to bundle products together. Bundling products can also help with its distribution network, you have created a number of different and unique element.

    Price: Search on its distribution network to determine the lowest price to sell in the market about the products you want to offer Costco. If you do not, you can be sure that Costco. Ability to create a pricing structure taking into account the price now offered.

    Indeed Distribution: Determine how to sell the product to Costco at reduced prices or added value will affect your current distribution network. Distributors and dealers can sometimes be difficult if they believe you are undercutting, offering the same products at Costco.

    Packing: Determine what type of package you offer to Costco. Costco is very specific in your packaging needs. In general, the need to display a single palette. Get quotes from a couple of different companies in the graphics and packaging.

    Logistics: Take a look at your current logistics capabilities to determine if you are able to meet a large customer as Costco. Knowing your ability will help you understand what your expectations will sell through. Costco routing guide the analysis to ensure that you include all the necessary aspects when searching logistics.

    Other costs: analyze and take into account these additional costs.
    1. Customer support service: Do you need telephone support to cope with the influx of customers or you will hire a company to handle this?
    2. Costco EDI (electronic data interchange): EDI Price to include in your finances.
    3. Promotion fees: You will want to participate in a promotion? The various promotions at Costco where sales are actually explode and should be planned accordingly.
    4. Transport: Costco will require a shipping cost to their deposits. You must average the cost of this and include it in its cost structure.
    5. Returns and faults: How will you handle the return portion and failure.
    Selling potential through quantities: Based on what Costco divisions you will then create scenarios that show potential sales amount. Costco has 3 divisions in the United States and an international division:

    a. Costco Wholesale,
    c. Costco Road Show,
    d. Costco,
    e. Canada
    f. Costco Mexico,
    g. Costco UK,
    h. Costco Taiwan
    I. Costco Japan,
    j. Costco Korea.

Entering a program and find out later that you experience the success you lose money will be devastating.

    Costco: Decide which division should contact first. Make initial contact with the buyer and gauge interest. You will probably need help here that getting by Costco buyers can be very difficult, if not impossible. If enough interest is put first meeting at Costco headquarters in Seattle WA.

    Pre-Meeting: Final decision on at least two, at most three packaging options. Nail your options you only have about 30 minutes or less to pitch your idea to Costco and you want to have time to discuss next steps. Create your presentation and print more copies than you think you'll need. Confirm its meeting a week before the date.

Keep your chip and point step. Be prepared to Costco questions, not only about your product, but about you and your business as well. You help partnership with Costco and other large retail companies is my specialty.

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