How To Soak Up The History Of A Coveted Island With Cuba Holidays

With its proximity to the US, its abundance of natural beauty and rich fertile soil for sugar cane and tobacco, Cuba had a unique appeal throughout history, with many countries struggling to get their hands on it for centuries and employing different tactics to invade. Whatever the reputation of his government and US sanctions for previous decades (many of which are still ongoing, although some have been recently facilitated by Obama's law), Cuba has become a very popular tourist destination attracting a large crowd loving tourists interested in very particular past history of the island and it is very controversial and political. This small Caribbean island was one of the most sought and fought regions of the world since its discovery on October 28, 1492. While Columbus came first in Cuba during this year, claiming that under Spanish rule, even the British and the United States tried to invade later. The Spaniards were so eager not to let go of this island they were willing to trade for the United States as part owned.The USthen tried to conquer Cuba several times to Florida, but resigned in 1848 and offered Spain $ 100 million dollars to the island, an offer that was rejected at the time. Years after the triumph of the revolution of Fidel Castro, the United States tried another attempt to invade the island in the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in 1962. As you can see easily, since the discovery of Cuba, the world had a love affair with this exotic tropical paradise and many have tried to get their hands on this piece of tropical paradise.

Every year more and more tourists from Europe and Canada come to Cuba to enjoy the bright colors and friendly people, and beautiful beaches and now that the USgovernment allows its citizens to visit under special license person to person even American tourists visit Cuba in increasing numbers. But in addition to its beautiful beaches, Cuba offers a variety of lively towns and villages, all with their own rich culture and heritage. If you are planning a vacation in Cuba, you definitely have to take the time to visit Havana, the capital and the center of the nation, which is located in the extreme northwest of the island. A lively, rhythmic city, there are many restaurants, historic sites, tours and nightlife to enjoy. Havana also has a number of museums, including the Museum of the Revolution Museum Havana Club Rum Museum Cigar Museum and Ernest Hemingway, among others, which will help absorb the rich history of this island and unique cultural talent.

In the foothills of the Sierra Maestra (where the rebels prepared and hid before overthrow the government), the town overlooks a majestic bay and more than a twist of the Caribbean. For a cultural encounter with a colonial village still stuck in the time to visit Trinidad, a small colonial town in the heart of Cuba, full of cobbled streets and old buildings with tiled roofs.

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