Hyundai Sunny and Dynamic Forecast!

If you have not watched the line of Hyundai at some point, you have lost a lot of updates to the Korean manufacturer has just done in recent years.

New products

In 2009, the automaker introduced America to his portfolio with a Genesis coupe and luxury sedan. In 2010, the next generation Hyundai Sonata was launched, offering much improved styling and excellent fuel economy. Before 2011 rolls around the Equus sedan will be introduced, a full-size luxury sedan designed to compete with the likes of the BMW 7 Series.

These changes have allowed Hyundai to grab market share and compete with its main Asian rivals Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Importantly, Hyundai has served notice that it intends to continue entering segments that was previously absent from perhaps including trucks collected.

Market Position

Hyundai is not resting on its laurels, planning to introduce new models, engine options and other features in an attempt to grab market share. Already the fourth largest automaker in the world, Hyundai Kia Automotive Group rose from eleventh place in less than a decade, a remarkable achievement in a highly competitive consumer market.

The Sonata will soon offer a hybrid version, a model with a lithium-ion battery. This lightweight system will benefit for the Toyota Camry Hybrid and even older technology user of nickel-cadmium Ford Fusion Hybrid. Above all, the Sonata Hybrid is expected to deliver 40 mpg, placing ahead of the current market leader, the Fusion Hybrid.


2011 will prove to be a busy year for Hyundai. The Equus will be in showrooms and Hyundai next generation compact Elantra will be there too. Elantra will feature a 1.6-liter four-cylinder.

Based on the Elantra platform, Veloster will feature a very unusual ceiling with high A-pillar and B-pillar thick. The Veloster will share the same platform and feed the Elantra use its 1.6-liter engine. 40 mpg highway should be part of this cut libertines sport.

In the study

Hyundai Sonata can have your car in the US market, a sales model is currently only in Europe, where these types of body styles are popular.

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