I Fix My Computer Or Buy A New One?

Unless you are a newcomer to the world of computers, which is probably a question you ever asked before. After all, if your computer is not working properly, you can have a strong instinct to throw it and get another one, but wonder if it's worth fixing. You may think that since this is a computer service technician writing this article, that in almost all cases, you must repair your computer instead of getting a new one. Just as there are a number of reasons to repair your computer, there are many reasons to buy a new one in its place.

Although consumer computers costs are far from new cars cost, those who were to decide to correct an old car or buy a new one can find useful to think of this process as it is similar.
Advise you to make two columns and write the reason to buy or repair the appropriate column.

If you think through this way, you will find yourself arrive at a reasoned and reasonable conclusion. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer, the best answer for you. Beware of people who are certain they know what you need.

Here are some reasons to repair your current computer:

• Budget - Although the extra expense may be worth buying a new PC is usually more expensive than fixing your current computer. If you are on a tight budget or is it just a frugal person, fixing most problems can be best for you.

• Data - The second reason is related to the budget line. It is easier, however, if you keep your computer because if you get a new PC, you'll have to pay someone to transfer the information to a new PC. Also, if your PC will not boot Windows and the data must be retrieved from the computer, most of you need someone to get the data off the hard drive, which means you will have to pay as much for a new computer, plus a service charge to a computer technician.

• Applications - If you get a new computer, you will need to reinstall all your applications. My experience has been that both organized and unorganized people tend to lose Application CD, especially if they have had their computers for several years. Before buying a new computer, gather all your applications installation CD and make sure you have a record for every application you use. You may be able to avoid this process and have all your applications as they were if you get your computer fixed. However, it should be noted that if the proposed correction to your current PC is to reinstall Windows, this issue is moot because all applications must be installed in a new installation of Windows, as well as on a new PC.

• Updates - If your computer is a little slow or can not do a certain thing, you can usually upgrade the RAM or video card or USB 3.0 card much cheaper mentioned above, you can buy a new PC.

• Windows 8 - Have you ever used or seen Windows 8 or 8.1? If you get a new computer, it will have Windows 8.1 on it. Windows 7 can be placed on new computers after the purchase by computer technicians if you buy a copy online. But then again, you pay more, this time to a new computer and a legitimate copy of Windows 7, plus the cost of a technician to install Windows 7 on the computer.

So if one of the above reasons grasp, think. If you were satisfied with your computer before it needed to be fixed happy with your speed, memory, accessories, capacity and performance, it is likely that this computer is the "right" for you. If your computer was slow even in tip top shape, it's probably a sign that you need to go to the computer store.

• Antiquated Accessories - If your PC has a floppy drive factory installed or CD, but no DVD drive, it is probably time to consider a new PC. Many people want fast devices via a USB 3.0 port. If you have a desktop computer, you can easily get a card installed, so I do not consider this alone is a reason to trash the old PC, but if you keep score, to score in the purchase column.

Great material damage you have spilled a Coke or such on the computer, ruining your motherboard, not invest in repair.

• Laughter factor - Although never laughed at clients, at the time, laughed a machine that is brought why? Because it is so old, so full of dust and cigarette smoke, so slow, it is almost a joke that someone is actually paying me to repair this computer. If this is your computer, there is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you do not already know, deep down, you need a new computer, then take this message of this article. If you decide not to fix or you just have to keep your computer for a long time, make sure that the interior is cleaned our regularly, if you do it yourself or bring it to a cleaning. This dust and smoke residue are not just bad, it can overheat your computer and cause your death

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