I Think That Older People Prefer To Read Only Copy?

Previously, this week read an article about photography. A few minutes later he came to me and said, "That is very good to read, you do not have it, although to print"

Well, older than he is twice as old, indeed! And it made me think, is that only older people who read prefer to use hardcopy?

Only 18 percent said they preferred digital content, as you prefer.

Most young people want all their online learning, research shows that "Millennials, printed reading books, sometimes more than other age groups, which find quite surprising as they have never known a world without the Internet, those who think they just want to line these can also find surprising reading.

The survey also showed that 68 percent of all respondents said they would never stop to read printed educational materials, and 86 percent agreed that there is still a place for printed materials, even if the world is more connected than ever.

There is a further discussion or printed digitally, but how to integrate the right combination of platforms, to facilitate the learning objectives.

Print advertising has a longer shelf life; digital advertising is gone from the reader's mind in seconds with the click of a button. It has "personal" feel also, if a customer or potential customer is a piece of printed marketing materials keeps it adds a colorful directly aimed at the individual personal nature and gives you a "shelf life" more than digital ads. P
rinted marketing is high impact and high ROI (Return on Investment) and highlights in an online world increasingly cluttered insensitive spam filters.

Printed materials are a tactile way information to remember is to give an answer in relation to the sense of touch, it is to make a memorable communication. do not make the mistake of thinking that digital reading is the only way to acquire knowledge and information. Every day to get an impressive amount of digital information in a very short time, the message will be replaced by the next article, tweet or status update. The print media has a durability that will last as necessary for as long.

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