IBeacon With HomeKit What We Can Look Forward

IBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy Technology (BLE), the mobile applications allows signals from beacons in the physical world to detect and respond to them.

IBeacon in HomeKit

Currently IBeacon has widely marketed by Apple for the retail environment. With HomeKit home-grown BLE technology Apple will be accessible to a larger customer base, which is the creation of a smart home. At the most basic level IBeacon inform Apple Smart presence of the user at home when they get home and connect all the systems on a pre-determined conditions to receive them and ready to use.

With IBeacon in Smart Devices Home

IBeacon can define actions for smart devices, such as lighting, fans, heating / cooling systems, TVs, etc. among others. With Siri integration, simple voice commands and voice memos systems automate and enable the device. Various applications such as calendar and notes app application can also Home and IBeacon with the kit to work be used to give commands to the various smart devices in the house.

HomeKit currently provides native support with IBeacon to control the lighting in the house, there is much more that if the imagination is stretched can be done.

Apple IBeacon Your Home

In 2014, Apple introduced a proposal for the creation of the first dedicated IBeacon - Beacon compatible hardware for your product SmartHome. Apple IBeacon will transform the iPhone, iPad or other iOS-compatible device in a temporarily detectable beacon. So used HomeKit, the user will be able to control door locks, lighting, doors, security cameras, switches, sockets, kitchen appliances and more. Apple will be as long as the hardware is not as many third-party hardware beacon devices are available immediately to IBeacon.
What types of applications you can build Smart Home Using IBeacon and HomeKit

There are a number of applications to control the lighting and other basic activities inside the house, are available. To notify a IBeacon, select the recipients of your arrival. For example, the presence of family members can be determined by the application, as they enter or leave the house

utomatically lock or from devices such as computers, laptops or watching TV at home, if the beacon device is not near

Take security camera photos or webcam remotely and send it to yourself, use your camera's shutter the IBeacon. Thus any intruders can photograph captures and safely stored, even if the occupants are not at home

Turn to play a particular song, the music system in your car or at home, if the beacon device is nearby

Beacons are easy to install and configure and BLE beacon broadcasts are not expected to exceed more than 400 million units over the next five years, according to a report from ABI Research.

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