Increases Profit Margins, Even When Marketing Meatballs

Meatballs! These tasty round globes of meat and other ingredients that are traditionally served with pasta. But to assess the impact of mysticism about the art of selling meatballs, forget traditional meatballs. Think specialty meatballs. Surprisingly expensive meatballs. Not accompanied by mass meatballs.

There are new in town meatballs - and new ways of selling - usually without portfolio. Apparently, these new forms are very profitable, since a growing number of upscale restaurants now offer menu items that only include meatballs, 3-6 each, from $ 6 to $ 10.95 a choice. Special meatballs are also sold - not only served - in a growing number of luxury bars, a new and cost-effective replacement for traditional Imagine the profit from the sale of six meatballs for 10, "free food bar." $ 95.
Lovers innocent dumplings pay nearly $ 2 for every ball down. Why?

Apparently, each variety has its own mystique, its own mystery, its own secret ingredients, flavor, even his own charisma. What types of specialty meatballs have charisma? Here are some unusual examples ...

    Made from
beef, other meat and secret spices, restaurant offers customers the usual cooked meatballs in stock beef for three days before they are ready to serve. The beef stock, by the way, is the byproduct of boiling pig's head in hot water. sound appetizing?

    Then there are the meatballs all-lamb, the delicacy of the signing of a small but popular coastal chain of restaurants. These treats sell for $ 5 each. The so-called secret key ingredients used to make these gourmet meatballs depends on the proportion and combination of ingredients used in place of the ingredients themselves. There are no secrets when it comes to ground meat mixture - usually a combination of beef, lamb and beef - as well as parsley, basil, bread crumbs, mushrooms, cloves, pepper, oregano, salt and / or other spices, and any of a handful of grated cheese so that the meatballs makers have at their disposal. The secret is to use only ingredients that create a unique flavor, a taste of enticing aroma, with appropriate visual appeal, delicate or massive.

There are at least four marketing truisms these modern highly profitable specialty meatball vendors clung to:

1) The creation of a single product;
2) The possibility of a large number of people want this product instead of simply need;
3) The price of this product on a point which increases its value, and
4) Position the product of a novel way, but attractive. This is clever marketing - whatever your product.

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