Is Luke Kuechly Carolina Panthers The Next Great NFL Linebacker?

With a revitalized defense that is ranked first in the league, the Panthers have won only two famous victories over the San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots. Now, over a period of six consecutive victories, the Panthers are becoming the team nobody wants to face. So that revolutionized this team and your defense? Linebacker Luke Kuechly!

Originally from Boston College, Kuechly took the league by storm last year, amassing 164 tackles and defensive win Rookie of the year honors. Cementing its position as linebacker and leading the defense of the Panthers, the league could be dominated by the force of inspiration for many years. In the last decade, most of the best defenses in the NFL were cemented by a linebacker star. Think of the Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis, or functionality of Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher.

Linebacker is the position of the prototype football player. It is the perfect blend of power and raw speed, usually covering a muscle elimination still cumbersome. A true linebacker through the field address all he can, but make greater impact items that change a game. Kuechly is currently the first example of a young star linebacker ready to take your team to the top. But there is an emerging trend with funny linebackers recent superstar: They tend to burn bright, but quickly disappear.

Let's look a little linebacker recent star. Brian Cushing was drafted 15th overall in 2009, had four interceptions, four sacks and two forced fumbles in his first season. He made 133 tackles and won the rookie of the year defensive. Texans quickly became one of the league's best defense. The Texans are one of the worst teams in the league. Shawne Merriman came with much more ease for the San Diego Chargers in 2005, won 10 sacks as a rookie,
Mark your wonderful dance "light", and received the Defensive Rookie of the Year. His reign lasted only two years, culminating in a trip to the AFC championship game for the difficult defense. But damage would derail his hopes in 2008. He was eventually cut from the team in 2010. Merriman joined the Buffalo Bills, never returned to form and recently retired.

Let's see Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers.

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