Loss Mitigation Department CitiMortgage and Mortgage Modification

Homeowners across the country are foreclosed on. New home loan modification programs are in place to help struggling homeowners. CitiMortgage is one of the mortgage lenders that are authorized to offer these options. These options now exist because of President Obama's stimulus, and are designed to help millions.

The mortgage modification program that offers CitiMortgage now is all because of $ 75,000,000,000 Plan stimulus housing Presidents. Homeowners with a mortgage that is an ARM can now easily get approved for the loan modification home. Using this new program, CitiMortgage is able to offer homeowners lower monthly payments by reducing your interest rate, or the length of your mortgage. The mitigation department CitiMortgage losses, contact you if you need a loan modification from home, you'll be able to tell you exactly what you need to do or know.

Some other things you should know about this CitiMortgage stimulus program are:

-Homeowners What is behind 60 days or more on their payments will generally be contacted by CitiMortgage mitigation department of losses. They will most likely provide you with options and plans that can help your situation and save your home from being lost. This letter must include the reasons you are in trouble, and plan for change. In concluding this letter, attach all evidence and proof of your expenses, incomes and assets. This will help to show that you are really in need of help.

-After To have been in contact with CitiMortgage your home loan modification, they usually send a representative to your home. Be available to the representative and answer any questions they honestly. This advice should help homeowners start the loan modification process at home for you.

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