Lyft Driverless Car Network In 2017

To be more specific, in the past, and not long ago, it was only four years since the Lyft announcement as an important competitor for Uber. The company was the first thought, like a fly by night companies are drawn in the next big growth Uber. However, this has been gone for Lyft a thought. This company builds quiet since, but her efforts swallows in technology. It's about innovation most spoke made online recently, a network is driverless car.

Innovators like Mercedes put self-driving skills in many of its models, followed by General Motors Nissan, Toyota, Audi, Volvo and Tesla. Self-drive cars are no longer a call option; they are now here to stay. For this reason, GM jumped on top $ 500 million Lyft initiative to your network to invest driverless car. These efforts will substantially change the way we commute and associated to reduce the risks associated with damaged driver or drivers who are drunk. Unlike leave the car alone make a pickup from a friend or parents check a simple call or the Lyft app Driverless Lyft vehicle Send recording of the designated person to support and get them safely to your next place without incident.

This means that 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by human error, is drastically decreased due to the car being driven by artificial intelligence. Roads are more accessible to work with fewer vehicles on the roads as more accessibility for carpools congest and more capacity, while easily commute to work or to school. Imagine that not to deal with these delays and to come without effort home capable of finishing a project to work, school or leisure. Over time, these companies are on the verge of the way we use to change all of our vehicles and Lyft is the company that runs the helm.

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