Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen Set To Fight In Carolina Panthers

Jimmy Clausen certainly seems to have the arrogance of a champion. He spent a lot of time to say good things about training sessions Carolina Panthers, and the Panthers did not say much about who will lead the Panthers to the 2010 season They named Matt Moore as the starter this offseason but that was before they used their top draft pick to develop products Notre Dame Jimmy Clausen. Moore is one of many inputs Carolina Panthers being free agents coming season, and the Panthers clearly will not be able to sign them. This group of free agents also includes running back DeAngelo Williams everyone, and the Panthers are sure to have the top of your list. Moore where appropriate?

It seems that Matt Moore will be moving on regardless of their performance on the field. Of course, he and rookie Steve Smith some interesting options in the receiver position, but the Panthers are really all about running football. With Williams and Jonathan Stewart in the team, it will not change. The bottom line is, Moore is likely to play up its market value this year.

The Panthers need to recognize that, and get what they can from Moore. If they hope to make any kind of trade and get something, either Moore or Clausen is potentially Moore is as good as it sounds, they need to prove that Moore's boot. If the Panthers do this and Moore flops, it's pretty easy to get Clausen then to see what he has. Moore to be named the starter and win or lose positions with the playground. By becoming the air, the Panthers are basically saying the rest of the NFL Moore is not as good as they thought. This could damage their commercial value entering a tough season next year.

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