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Skype is software that is famous around the world to enable online calls or video calls or even live conferences. Different people use Skype for various purposes. Today's discussion is how you can record video calls over Skype.


You need to move certain requirements before forward:

· First, you must have an active Skype account

· You need a recording tool to have


There are many recording tools available online. Some of them are paid and some are free. Most people use the free version with basic features. But versions are not paid for with exclusive features.

Solution 1 Grabber Pro screen

The first tool is Screen Grabber Pro. This is a packaged tool with many interesting features.

User interface and features

First you need to download the software.


· You can start your screen recording with one click and done if it only save.

· You can screenshots on the screen during recording.

· There is a planner available tasks. You can record through the Task Scheduler creating a task in the future.

· Can you edit and display video setting.

· You can use the webcam, record audio.


· Now, this software is really good. Solution 2 Cam Studio

User interface and features

The Cam Studio is another great video recording tool. This is free. You can also try the paid version.


· It's free. You can make an online recording with creative features. · You can create instructions for creative purposes.

· The trial version is limited to 30 days.

Solution 3 For Mac users

There are several applications available to record Skype calls on your Mac. Some of them are free and others are paid. But here's the discussion will be on the free methods.

QuickTime for Skype

It is receiving a recording tool audio or video calls on Skype for Mac. First you need to download the software.


· It is completely free.


· You must save the files manually.

· It creates large files.

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