Moving Curacao

Curaçao may be a small island, but there is certainly a lot to see. Traveller population and savings-conscious websites benefit from reliable public transport system, supported by bus visiting all parts of the island. Mini buses run through the streets of Curacao, offering families a great way to see the island, while taxis take care of the travelers to explore the nightlife of the island. Rental cars and off road vehicles are easy to find for those who want to experience Curacao at their own pace. If you make a long trip to Willemstad or traveling outside the capital, the best way to get around Curacao is the public bus system. All bus routes in Curacao originate in the central districts of Willemstad Punda and Otrobanda. From these central locations, buses cross the city and go to the west coast of Curacao, Westpunt coming in most of the island's northwest item. Buses run regularly throughout the day, especially within Willemstad. Minibus Curacao are another good means of transport to move within Willemstad and destinations across the island. Although the mini-bus plying the same routes as the primary public bus, these comfy cruisers are able to pick up and drop passengers anywhere along the way. In fact, as mini-buses are not allowed to use the official bus stops Curaçao, these visits can be called as taxis throughout the island. While the mini-bus are not working on hard times throughout the day, the service generally stops at 23:00 that the public transport system.

If the station is near Willemstad, taxis are readily available around the clock. On average, the airport by taxi up to Willemstad cost between $ 15-25. Fortunately, happy drivers quote rates and agree a fixed price before leaving, allowing visitors to find the most accessible transport. If you're not sure taxis are officially recognized, look for the letters "TX" on the plates.

Visitors who plan to spend a lot of time exploring the island - or those who wish to do without public transportation - have no trouble renting reliable vehicles in Curacao. Additionally, as Curacao is home to many unpaved roads through the unspoilt coastline and within, many rental agencies offer well-equipped vehicles road. No matter where you drive in Curacao, it is worth paying attention to local driving habits. Traffic in Willemstad can be difficult for visitors to navigate Caribbean atmosphere so relaxed on the island, often encourages reckless driving style. However, resident drivers in Curacao rarely speed and are always very patient and gracious to visiting families. Thus, when focused and responsible driving practice, visitors have no trouble navigating the island and enjoy the ride.

If you need help understanding the bus, find a taxi or rent a car, your concierge will be able to provide valuable assistance and help you make the most of your experience in Curacao. However you choose to travel to Curacao, once you hit the road you will find Curacao is easy to get around and even easier to enjoy.

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