Moving To Cuba

Cuba's historical reputation often goes before the country and saw many expats actually cross the country from its list of possible destinations, even without an in-depth look at what Cuba has to offer. So what Cuba has to offer? What you should be aware of if considering moving Cuba?

Where is Cuba

Some people may actually be surprised to know that Cuba is an island in the Caribbean consists of a wide center island and a number of smaller surrounding islands. It is perfectly situated for international trade, at the tip of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean to join and within walking distance of America, the Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Mexico. It is also interesting to note that Cuba is the 16th largest island in the world, offering a variety of different climates, geography and experience.


There are a number of things to consider with respect to time in Cuba, which is officially classified as tropical. However, while Northwest winds can affect the local climate, with temperatures varying only slightly from 21 ° C in January and 27 ° C in July, are the hurricanes that can cause havoc and devastation. Despite the fact that the state and the authorities have a very firm grip on Cuba, there is no doubt that the office most is tourism, with over 2 million people who visit Cuba each year.

It is the changes in the composition of the Cuban economy will attract foreign investors and foreign visitors.

Cost of living in Cuba

There is no doubt that the influence of the Cuban authorities on food and services in the country is still important with many food and service at a fixed price by the authorities. If you are looking to live in Cuba, you can expect a meal for a cost of relatively inexpensive restaurant about three dollars a meal for two at a medium-sized restaurant cost about $ 40 with domestic beer around the States US $ 1.5 to Coca-Cola around a dollar.

Although there have been many changes in the Cuban economy in recent years, there is no doubt that there is still to do to attract more foreign investment and more foreign visitors. The government should consider the establishment of a truly free market economy Cuba is always a challenge worldwide. Those seeking to benefit from the continuous relaxation of labor laws might be attracted to Cuba, while others prefer to wait to see more progress in the future.

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