New Supercomputer Launched A Fastest Ever

Supercomputer Launched A Fastest Ever In The World

China unveiled its supercomputer called Tianhe-1A, the fastest supercomputer in the world. This engineering marvel works amazingly 2507 petaflops. For most of you who have no idea about the significance of supercomputers let's just say that every single research on aviation, aerodynamics, automotive research and any other industry relies heavily on research using supercomputers.

For those who know a bit about supercomputers, you are probably wondering, how can the Tianhe-1A, the fastest computer in the world is when the US-XT supercomputer called Jaguar peak performance of 2.66 petaflops measured? Well, that's just it; Jaguar measured to the peak power at 2.66 petaflops, while Tianhe-1A runs smoothly at 2.507 petaflops and peak power is yet to be discovered, since it was placed on the operating state. The smooth running performance for Jaguar XT is 1.7 petaflops.

As for the other technical aspects of the Tianhe-1A, you will be pleasantly surprised how this little monster baby runs on 7168 NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPUs and 14,336 CPUs. Next month at leading conference SC Supercomputing 2010 in New Jersey, a performance indicator of the Tianhe-1A will take place and we will be able to see the peak power, it is estimated that by Linpack XT Jaguar 2.66 defines top petaflops.

But according to Oak Ridge they are working hard on a new supercomputer, which will probably be completed in 2011, and somewhere is even stronger and faster than the Tianhe-1A.

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