NFC Championship Preview Carolina Panthers At Seattle Seahawks

The strength of these two teams is in their defense, but what is most striking is the strength of their defenses rush. Carolina is the number of advanced defense 4 in the league, allowing only 91.6 yards per game and the Seahawks are number 5 in the league allowing only 94.4 yards per game on the ground.

Seattle devotes much of his offense to their running game and they will be tested for the defense Rush Carolina. Caroline is a great team running or really are a great passing team. The Seahawks, on the other hand will have to establish their running game at some point. Get the ball out of short pieces feature will facilitate the Carolina rush defense and they should be able to spread the ball in a way Carolina will be hard to do.

Caroline also depends on Steve Smith. They entered the bear because the bear had a poor game plan, but you can expect the Seahawks to prepare for it.

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