NFL Carolina Panthers Analysis Project 2012

1st round (# 9) LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College

2rd round (# 40) OT / G Amini Silatolu, Midwestern State

4th round (# 103) DE Frank Alexander, Oklahoma

4th round (# 104) WR Joe Adams, Arkansas

5th round (# 143) CB Josh Norman, Coastal Carolina

6th round (# 207) P Brad Nortman, Wisconsin

7th round (# 216) FS DJ Campbell, Cal

Notable selections analysis:

Luke Kuechly: Panthers allowed nearly 27 points per game last season. Caroline spent using defensive lineman for Luke Kuechly. Kuechly is great in coverage passes and is a fighting machine. The Panthers lost Dan Connor via free agency. The Panthers had a great need at linebacker Luke Kuechly and should become a great player in the NFL. Kuechly exceptional dedication to the game will also allow you to be probably one of the defensive leaders Carolina.

Amini Silatolu: Carolina could have put his defensive equipment (Kendall Reyes, Jerel worthy or Devon Still), but he chose to improve their offensive line. Cam Newton has a great future, but the Panthers still want a balanced attack and run the ball with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Newton will be at its best game action game and put the ball downfield. S
tate of the offensive line player in the Midwest played against marginal competition, but looked like a man among boys. Larry Allen went to the small Sonoma State and this has not prevented him to dominate in the NFL. It would be wildly speculative compare Silatolu Larry Allen, but it is physically gifted and plays with an unpleasant behavior. The Panthers could have a block of executing extremely powerful lines with the addition of Jeff Otah Silatolu and health to face right. The Panthers probably made a wise decision to strengthen their offensive line with the addition of Silatolu.

Frank Alexander: Carolina has to strengthen his forehead and four traded a sixth-round pick and a 2,013 3rd round choice in San Francisco for your selection round 4. Carolina has not had much luck selling off future choices to move in the current project (remember the Everette Brown trade).

Joe Adams: Armanti Edwards was a disappointment as punt returner and wide receiver. Carolina ranked 30 in kickoff return average last season and were special teams of all poor. Joe Adams was a dynamic returner punt (4 touchdowns last season) in Arkansas because of its lightning speed. The former Razorback was a good choice for Panthers.

Josh Norman Panthers added a good corner size (6 ', 196 lbs) which makes the ball in the air. Norman was productive at Coastal Carolina, but has average speed. Caroline spent Juron Criner and the team still needs more help at receiver Steve Smith. Criner lacks speed, but it is very clever to catch the ball in traffic to keep the living players and score touchdowns.

2012 NFL Draft Grade: B

Bottom Line: Luke Kuechly help the Panthers much in the field of defense for many years. The team has also remained true to its identity want to run the ball Amini Silatolu adding to the offensive line. Caroline was very poor on special teams last year and Joe Adams and a new bettor should improve this unit. The Panthers have helped the NFL draft 2012 but probably given too much to add Frank Alexander defensively.

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