Off The Beaten Path In Curacao

Curacao may be one of the most underrated in the Caribbean islands. With a multitude of activities available to visitors, Curacao is an ideal destination for families and couples. If you are looking for truly unique holiday in the Caribbean, visit some of these sites off the beaten path in one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean. Christoffel Park, the first natural attraction on Curacao, is composed of three former plantations in the Caribbean. Visitors can explore the park in a number of ways, from hiking and biking to horseback riding and jeep tours on horseback. On the way you will see giant cacti, various species of exotic flowers and trees Divi Divi as a protected wildlife roams between vegetation. In addition iguanas, rabbits and rare birds you can catch a glimpse of deer elusive Curaçao - a species once thought to come from the coast of South America in the 14th and 15th centuries The park offers guided deer watching expeditions each afternoon 4:00 to 6:30 p.m.. As only eight people are allowed in each group watching the deer, space is extremely limited and reservations are required.

When in Curacao, you should also try to enjoy other activities Christoffel Park. Christoffel Park tours can be arranged through your hotel or travel agent and all of ATVs for off-road vehicles are available for rental.

One of the most unique attractions throughout the Caribbean is the Curaçao Seaquarium. Built in 1984, this resort is known for its water system, which continuously pump water is fresh in their aquariums. If you are traveling with small children, reservoirs touch and feeding programs offer great opportunities for safe and informative interaction with sea creatures. Curacao Seaquarium also allows visitors to snorkel and dive with sea turtles, tropical fish and other exotic animals. The beach outside the Curaçao Seaquarium is also ideal for relaxing with your family, especially water sports options kid-friendly and pleasant shops and restaurants.

While this may sound strange, Curacao houses one of the largest farms ostrich outside Africa. In Curacao Ostrich Farm, children can interact with day-old chicks and adult birds. Between 08:00 and 17:00, you can take a tour of the farm, hold ostrich eggs, pet the newborn, watch over 600 birds roam the grounds and learn about the lives of these fascinating birds. The gift shop is full of distinct memories, local produce to African art. There is even a coffee there to enjoy a sunny lunch Caribbean.

If you are looking to escape the crowds, while on vacation in the Caribbean, Curacao may be the island for you. With activities as diverse as those described here, you certainly will not regret your trip off the beaten path in Curacao.

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