Optimization Strategies Magento Conversion Rate

Magento comes with many full-featured online stores for leverage. Recently version 2.1 was announced and had some features that help companies to convert better. Traditionally for conversions to optimize an online store was a difficult task. But containing the features in Magento 2.1, conversion rate optimization is even easier with own Magento development. Well, here are some best features in Magento 2.1, which can help you with your conversion rates.

Elastic Search - This feature is available only with the Enterprise Edition. As shopkeepers, you can also set the stop words, weighted attribute values ​​and looking to customize the search experience for synonyms, etc. This will help you to optimize your website properly for conversions.

    PayPal in connection with the cash register and stored credit cards - do not leave customers, your website using PayPal your credit cards are held to pay more and even customers can checkout without re-enter your credit card information each. Time. It reduces the time of check-out, thereby optimizing conversion rates.

    Visual Merchandiser - Drag and drop the items to create pages that convert optimally.

    Customer Segmentation - Customer Segmentation is a great way to relevant content to show buyers. Every customer gets the right content.

However, along with the use of these impressive features Magento online store owners should also be aware to avoid some of these conversion Killer:

Make sure that the contact with you easily. Other than that, to be available live chat, email or phone.

    If your business does not provide free shipping, make sure it is clearly mentioned on the product pages and politics. Show transport costs as transparent as possible for the customer.

    Make your absolutely clear return policy.

    Communicate clear delivery times for customers. Avoid any kind of pop-up ads during the test. It ruined completely the user experience and increase the chances of the demolition.

Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform and has all the features required to support both small and large companies. New versions of this e-commerce platform come with big promises. E-commerce success depends on how efficiently the companies from these new resources and tools available, and optimize your conversion rates. So ensure that you set up your online store to make full use of the latest features Magento!

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