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Drones are becoming more and more to control unmanned aircraft for owners independently and easily. There are some key components that all owners familiar drones should be to maintain the aircraft in the air. Some people choose to build their own aircraft instead of buying a ready-made drone that often reduces costs. In this article, the basic parts of a fully functioning drone and its functionality can be covered.

Table Quadrocopter

This is a structure (frame) in the match all the other parts. The drones have different designs Quadrocopter frame structure with a minimum of 3 propeller assembly gaps.


The motors are essential for the propeller rotation. Thus, the thrust increases to drive the drone. The number of motors is the same as the number of helices to be still. Rotation increases the drone control with respect to the direction. The right engine choice is really essential to the drone efficiency. You need to carefully check on various parameters such as voltage and current, impulse and thrust to weight ratio, power, efficiency and speed, etc.

Electronic Speed
​​Controller (ESC)

This is an electronic control card, which varies the motor speed. The component also helps to land the pilot to bring the time when the aircraft is in operation. The height is associated with energy extraction from the energy storage.

Flight Control / Board

Onboard the flight a local logoff is back just in case a need for the drone from its location, without guided.


Propellers harpsichord are structured to provide a blade a difference in air pressure. In the motion, cut the difference creation of air pressure between the upper and lower rotors. The upper part is characterized by low pressure compared to the lower part of the air caused to rise into the air. For example, carbon fiber propellers cost about $ 50 you are light and are shatterproof, the qualities that are not present in the propeller, which cost about $ 10.


It is a channelized transmitter and a communicator for tinnitus. Drones will need at least 4 channels for effective operation.

Battery, electronics and power distribution cables

The battery serves as a power supply for tinnitus. It provides power for all electronic components in the frame by the power distribution cables. Nickel-metal-hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium based first were used, but their use has declined, while the use of lithium batteries increases. You can store a larger amount of energy than the nickle cadmium and nickel metal hydride. It costs about US $ 10. The electricals and electronics is an essential part for robot control and operation. However, in terms of objective tinnitus, other components may be included or omitted.


For video recording cameras are connected to drones. Shoot cameras with the ability to store and or shoot and send in terms of taste or budget operators are available and used. Some use their own cameras, while the deliberate use quality GoPro cameras.

anding gear

This is a structure to secure the UAV landing. However, it can be freed by an experienced user is able to balance the speed of the engines for a safe landing in an emergency. There are two main landing gear.
First Person Video

Although expensive compared to the normal controller interface screen (transmitter), which gives the user viewing experience in interactive 3D. There are two main components of a system FPV. The first component is the mass. The land component is also called ground station. The second important component is the video receiver. The video receiver receives the data of the receiver to combine frequency with the drone of this station. The frequencies most commonly used for video transmission are used are 433 MHz, 869 MHz, 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Advanced terrestrial component versions have lead sophisticated antennas in a higher image resolution. The air component has a camera and a drone video transmitter. These are the basic components of a basic system of FPV. However, the enhanced FPV have components and systems advanced features. For example, the FPV system will be added with a GPS navigation system. It may also have flight data systems. Other advanced FPV systems "go home" systems that allow the drones return to the position where he lifted first.

In summary, these are the main components of a robot. Choosing the right components according to your needs is a must. The components are available in abundance from different online stores and can be purchased easily. Buying mount them, and combine them, and have the time of your life fly your drone.

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