Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon Why They Are Better

Its popularity is due to the reason that they are versatile and secure and parents should not worry when a child plays with it. This little red wagon is not only popular for large and small children, but they are great for adults, especially in its yard projects, a super car utility to carry heavy loads to lighten your burden.

The Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon is beautiful in red, and with 100 years of heritage they have given many people fond memories of her childhood. F
ond memories of their cars, often see sleep safely in the car with his father pulling in the park or zoo. Every little red Radio Flyer wagon are built without welding, and would last some care in life as well. Over the years, the company made little reinforcement for this car, the update to be best for the children. Your best upgrade the wagon is when they introduce air tires full of truth, and with it, you can pull the wagon through puddles, mud holes and potholes all areas easily and smoothly.

- Real air tires - to make riding less bumpy and very smooth, especially among the rutted areas

- Robust steel construction is built to last a lifetime

- Extra long handle for easy pulling - can be adjusted according to the child's height

- Handle folds under for easy storage - easy to carry in your car trunk

- Non-pinching ball keeps the small insurance fingers hug

- Controlled turning radius prevents deposition - a child could change suddenly without dropping the wagon

- Suitable for children over 1 1 / 2-8

- Body size: 36 x 17.5 x 6 - only good for young children and the elderly

- Wheel Size: 10 x 4 inches - real rubber tires, hard

The above features of Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon, you'll know why they are the sort after, even after 100 years and more.

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