Radio Flyer Wagons An Icon Of American Culture

For nearly 90 years Radio Flyer wagons were an American childhood icon. Today Radio Flyer wagons are still made with the same durability and attention to safety as the original little red wagon first made there over 85 years, but are now available in a variety of models. There is also a range of accessories available for today's fashion wagon for comfort at every turn.

Radio Flyer Wagon Ranger is the perfect companion for busy parents. Made of solid steel, transparent, this popular car has a comfortable backrest and a safety harness that makes it ideal for long walks. Radio Flyer wagons all steel include rolled edges scratch resistant to hide sharp metal edges and to ensure safety. Safety and sustainability are key priorities in the implementation of all Radio Flyer products. The archer Wagon uses a "no pinch" MATCHBALL joint to attach the handle to the car. This unique feature will safely and prevents pinching of fingers while allowing the handle to rotate freely. The archer Wagon has a long extra end to pull heavy loads with ease. The handle folds easily under the carriage for easy storage when not in use.

Like all car radio prospectus, the archer Wagon is virtually impossible to switch during use. Radio Flyer uses a controlled turning radius scientifically designed to maintain steady wagon, even over bumps or while carrying a heavy load or asymmetrical. This design makes Ranger Wagon an excellent tool for gardening, moving firewood or other lifting tasks around the house.

For more leading space, a Radio Flyer wagon trailer can be pulled behind the Rangers Wagon. The steel wagon trailer with sides of wooden high pile makes it easy to add cooler pack to make the Ranger Wagon the ideal pull-long beach walks, excursions in the park, and picnics.

The Archer Wagon offers exactly what consumers expect from a product Radio Flyer. The Archer Wagon reliable, sustainable and exceeds current safety standards. The ranger Radio Flyer Wagon promises years of use and adventure for every child and adult who has one. Every boy and girl who has a Ranger Wagon pursue a childhood dream in it.

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