Safe With Lyft and Uber

Many people assume that they are assured of Lyft and Uber, or your insurance personal car is to cover them in case of an accident while they are driving. In fact, as long as the insurance companies as Carpool Lyft and Uber is not what it seems, and the lack of information on this coverage provided leaves many drivers in the dark.

While you are with one company, the driving force, coverage depends on a few variables. Basically, your state is divided into three different categories, which we refer as the time of 1, 2 and 3 period.

Period 1: you drive around with Uber and Lyft app open but not yet combined with a passenger. During this time you have liability coverage with Uber and Lyft. Contingent liability coverage means that if you are in a collision, you must first have to make a claim with your personal insurance provider, and if the claim is denied only is the insurance Uber and Lyft kick. The limits of this quota are 50/100/25 coverage that is not enough, will cover following a major accident.

This is problematic because for a ride company driving a commercial activity is considered, and any personal insurance will cover you for this type of activity. There is also a collision-related and comprehensive policies offered by Uber Lyft and during this time, but the manner of presentation in this coverage remains the same. You must first submit the claim with your own insurance that could have in the cancellation policy the result and only then Uber and Lyft is speed. There is also a franchise under collision and comprehensive strategies for both companies. For Uber, you must pay a deductible of $ 1000 and Lyft you must pay a deductible of $ 2,500.

Period 3: If you got the passenger, is the duration of time that the passenger is in the car to drop off. Coverage provided by Lyft and Uber is identicle their coverage in 2 period.

You should never go for Uber Lyft or without your personal coverage because your policy is dependent on this cover. There are some insurance companies that offer insurance Mitfahrzentralen insurance for drivers. Policies vary from state to state, but they are not much more expensive than the average value of the policy. Such a policy is highly recommended for all looking to mitigate the risks of driving with Lyft and Uber.

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