Server and Their Types

In computing, a "server" a device that offers functions for other devices and programs supported, often referred to as "clients". This is what is known as "client-server" network computing, where a single general calculation data distributed, functions and processes on multiple devices and computer processors. Among the many facilities that are the servers perform sharing of resources and data between clients and various computing tasks. Today server function customers in the model "request-response" where a client needs to be done, an object, and sends a request to the holder, which is executed by the server. A computer referred to as "server-class hardware" means it is a specialized device to perform the functions of the server. Server are categorized according to their tasks and applications. Dedicated brackets not other network tasks as retention tasks assigned to them. The server platform is the hardware or software drivers on the underlying system server; It is similar to an operating system on a desktop, laptop or other devices.

Types of servers

• Application Server - they occupy a large part of the power holder between the database server and end-users.

• Server List - improve the management of mailing lists, newsletters, advertising and announcements.

• Chat server - allows the sharing of information in an Internet group environment, including the discussion of real-time capabilities.

• Fax Server - used to reduce incoming and outgoing phone features.

• Groupware Server - helps users together to work independently through the corporate intranet of location or the Internet in a virtual environment.

• Mail server - as important as a Web server for correspondence in a corporate network over LANs and WANs.

• News server - these act as a distribution source and delivery to the public newsgroups on global BBS system.

• Proxy server - they work between a Web browser (a client program) and a second web server to share in connection and to improve performance.

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