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Visit the most famous sights of the island sand sea

The largest of the ABC islands of the Caribbean Leeward, Curacao offers a unique travel experience for travelers with its blend of European charm and accents former tropical. Extending over 171 square miles, Curacao allows visitors to enjoy the island of space, offering a wide range of activities that appeal to everyone from curious fun for the experienced adventure junkie.

Curaçao Historic Sites

History buffs will appreciate the idiosyncratic culture of Curacao, as the island has a decidedly European feel to its architecture and community spaces in a Caribbean context. Dutch roots of the island are perhaps most apparent in the capital of Willemstad, a popular tourist destination for sightseeing and shopping. Willemstad is divided into two parts, Punda and Otrobanda, which are connected by the famous bridge Queen Emma. The measure 548 feet long across St. Anna Bay, Queen Emma Bridge was built in 1888 and is one of the most remarkable boat decks in the world - or "boat bridge" - meaning it is independent and backed by floating vessels. Once on deck, tourists can enjoy unique points of interest Willemstad, including Dutch-inspired buildings that many visitors have compared the architecture of the city of Amsterdam. popular structures include the Museum Kura Hulanda, and the eponymous hotel. For retail enthusiasts, Willemstad has several pedestrian shopping areas, including Heerenstraat and Madurostraat located in the Punda part in the oldest part of the city. Guests can also visit the shops and streets of Otrobanda Breedestraat Rodeweg buy everything from jewelry to local spices.

Curacao diving and scuba diving

Sea lovers want to take advantage of the diving opportunities snorkeling and Curacao diving, as the island is perhaps best known for its attractions of the ocean. the water temperature hovers around 80 degrees Curacao and has an average of 115 feet visibility throughout the year, making it perfect for divers of all experience levels. One of the most popular destinations for all water adventure is the Curacao Underwater Marine Park which is located on the southeastern tip of the island and home to the famous tug. Accessible by land or sea, the tug is a sunken ship which is in 30 feet of water, making it an ideal destination for divers and snorkelers to enjoy your outdoor tropical fish and many corals crust submerged their living skeleton.

On the northwest side of the island, divers can enjoy one of the most famous dive sites of Curacao: Mushroom Forest. In most coral species, including parrots, porcupine fish, turtles and lobsters thrive in this dive site. The low current, clear visibility and moderate depth (on average 45 feet) are mushroom forest ideal for divers of all levels to enjoy.

Sitting on over 100 feet of water, strong currents and variety of unusual sea creatures (including stingrays, eels and barracuda) for Superior producer a hot spot for experienced divers.

Curacao adventures on land

Catering for adventurous explorers who prefer dry land, Curaçao has a tourist treasure in their Hato Caves, which are limestone caves that date back over 1,500 years. Formed before the ice age, the caves were once inhabited by Indians Arawak Indians, the old drawings still adorn the walls of the cave today.  

Curacao beaches

Although not known for its beaches, Curaçao has about 40 stretches of sand to relax. Playa Kip Blue Bay and Groot are two of the largest beaches and the most popular on the island.

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