So You've Always Wanted To Travel To Cuba What To Expect

Now that the Obama administration has finally opened up travel to Cuba, you may be eager to jump on a plane and take a trip south to finally visit the country best known for its cigars and dictators. Before booking your flight Cuba, here's what you need to know about the country and get there legally and safely.

The Cuba travel rules

It is a new initiative of Obama "person to person" that now allows US citizens to travel to Cuba as part of authorized visits managed by cultural, educational or religious. The best way to travel to Cuba is to join one of these visits allowed. Remember that you must have a valid passport to travel abroad.

The United States does not maintain diplomatic relations with the country. However, Cuba is American travelers are welcome. According to the State Department: "The Section of US interests (SINA) represents American citizens and the US government in Cuba, and operates under the legal protection of American citizens Swiss government to sign the Smart Traveler Program Registered in the United States. I
nterests in Havana may obtain updated information on travel and security in the country. "

Book your flight to Cuba

If you want a nonstop flight to José Martí International Airport in Havana, there are several companies that offer them to Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood. The first charter flight left Fort Lauderdale on September 17, 2011. Before that, most of the flights to Cuba in the United States were strictly charter flights. Try to avoid traveling to Cuba in late October and early November, as is generally the hurricane season in the Caribbean.

When you have booked your trip, do not forget the airport car park. You'll save a lot of stress and problems reserving a parking offsite airport with the transport terminal in advance.

About Cuba

"A big, rich beautiful island," is how Winston Churchill described Cuba. While many Americans were not allowed to visit the country, it has long been popular among the citizens of Canada and Mexico as a relaxing getaway.

It stays warm throughout the year in Cuba. The island of Cuba is 780 miles long and 140 miles at its widest points so you can get to see many of the 14 provinces of the country on a trip. There can never be a better time than now to join a tour to visit Cuba. You may be pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome and beautiful scenery.

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