Support Microsoft Great Plains Technical Questions and Typical Responses

The technical support offered by MBS depends on the region. For North America (NA), support is available to partners and customers who have made use of the support plan. Asia Pacific (AP), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), however, the support is only available for partners.

Unfortunately, all customers in North America can have your vendor support. Some of those who chose not to renew their annual improvement plans are orphans and their suppliers do not receive the free upgrades.

Here are some questions and answers that the MBS support team (Asia and EMEA) receive:

Microsoft Great Plains operated on other than Microsoft Windows operating systems?

Microsoft Great Plains was initially developed to support both Microsoft and Mac operating systems. However, later versions of Great Plains does not support Mac especially when Microsoft acquired the company (Great Plains Software).

What database platforms are supported by Microsoft Great Plains?

Version 8 and above Microsoft Great Plains does not support SQL Server and MSDE. smaller versions 8 SQL Server support, MSDE (version 7.5), Ctree (for Great Plains standard) and Pervasive SQL (Btrieve previously).

We currently use a different ERP system, but we are interested in migrating to the Great Plains (GP). Migrations have been made from Peoplesoft and JD Edwards GP GP. If you are interested, we are conducting studies for possible migration between the ERP system to GP.

It is the possible integration between Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Great Plains?
Microsoft Great Plains is accessible via the Internet using a web browser?

There are some eProducts for Great Plains that will enable the company to create an online store. However, this only applies on the side of Great Plains Order Processing. Great Plains to access remotely, you must have Citrix ( installed. If you want access to Great Plains in the browser itself, you must configure the Citrix Web server component on the Web server that you will use GP.

All Microsoft Great Plains customers have access to CustomerSource. This is an area in the MBS website created specifically for MBS customers. Here you can search the knowledge base on MBS products and download service packs and patches to install your GP.

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