Tegile Leader In Storage Arrays Market!

Now every company relies on at least two technologies to alleviate the workload. Storage systems have become a necessity for them to organize and manage the heavy workload. Several new for well-known manufacturers are fighting there to win trust companies and organizations.

Other systems lack in performance, and are not able to perform well capacity to offer the best starting economic.

It's range of storage products to capitalize on the market with high capacity for resilience and some other high-end features available organizations in various types of workload and settlement. Let us summarize the powerful factors Tegile storage array, which is the most successful among business are becoming enterprise applications to accelerate.

ocused on Flash architecture:

The company introduced Intelli-flash OS and integrates this file system in all flash arrays and hybrid structured Log. This architecture also consolidates the data in memory, which is further sequenced for the best performance results with compression techniques writes online and deduplication.

These techniques not only help reduce storage space requirements, but also to maximize the flash memory together with an improved performance. Media customizable platform, metadata acceleration patented and multi-tier architecture to accelerate some other positive factors and accommodate a business and its multiple workloads.

Data reliability and integrity:

Tegile storage arrays are active / active controller based on the architecture. In this architecture, the two active controllers can assimilate and serve data simultaneously. You can output workloads insulate better optimized performance.

Data integrity is always the first for any type of business from the storage array to demand. Tegile is all-in flash and hybrid storage arrays fits better here with his approach to the integrity of end-to-end data. Intelli-Flash detects back errors and data errors, correct them and then for further processing of error-free data to the application.

Best Economy:

If you choose all-flash or hybrid, you have the solution scalable to your needs. If you are not sure about their demand for capacity and performance in the near future, then you have the Tegile arrays. It also reduced the replication method based on native array of these companies, the total cost of data recovery and the continuation. Snapshots and read / write clones are to benefit some other resources critical corporate applications.

Overall, you can increase business applications more efficiently than others with Tegile. Several are traders, their hybrid arrays and All flash sales.

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