The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

A work of art on the wall

The cuckoo clock is a lot older than the popular watches in the region of Southwest Germany Black Forest. This is known because in 1650 the cuckoo clock in books recorded was part of the reference book knowledge. It took actually arrived almost a hundred years before the Black Forest cuckoo clock.

For many decades after their arrival, the cuckoo clock was only an important niche product. It was the people in this region, which built the cuckoo clock industry and developed into a very successful company. The most valuable watches are for their new designs and technical improvements that a valued piece of art have made this charming clock around the world.

All three of them show the great ability of modern craftsmen continued in a very long tradition.

A kind of Black Forest clock never seen the Cuckoo Romback & Hauss shield is not. 3402. It has a painted border of hand colored flowers on a black background, which is very nice and fresh. The ivory-colored dial has black Roman numerals and hands color gold and two pendulum, making it look very stylish. There is a workshop reproduction Ingolf hatred and is as interesting as it is beautiful. This Black Forest cuckoo clock has a wooden bird extra large, carved beat their wings when. Cuckoos and a glass bell that tinkles musically just before the cuckoo The cuckoo is with whistles and wood from bellows that. My next choice is Rombauch & Hauss 1870 Play Black Forest Clock with fretwork. There is a large breeding in traditional chalet style and delicate case, finely sliced ​​cut to show the black bass that a pattern is really impressive. The numbers, hands and Cuckoo are made of solid wood and the weights and pendulum are antiqued brass. This particular Black Forest cuckoo clock with a conventional or exotic decor, since the delicate fretwork design make it fit well with Asian style African, Indian and decorated houses. The last Black Forest cuckoo clock was chosen as the Black Forest Clock Association clock of 2002, and if you see that you really, why can understand. It is a beautiful Black Forest cuckoo clock in country style with a small scene containing figures on the front of the watch. It's a girl to dance with a beautiful melody of the music box, a water wheel and a deer. The cuckoo, numbers, hands and dancers are all made of solid wood. The cuckoo and dancers move called and birds with the song. The music box movement is handmade in Switzerland and the clock measures 12 "H x 12" W x 8 "D.

It costs $ 686th

The Black Watch is a luxury item, which has preserved its great popularity for hundreds of years, and T
hat people continue to inspire for many years and entertain you with its unique style and timeless beauty to come.

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