The Call Of The Cuckoo Clock

Perhaps it was in an antique shop, or perhaps his grandfather or kitchen, even your neighbor. We looked at him, listening to the "tick tock- tick-tock", see the pendulum as it swung back and forth. So if the "big hand" reached the top of the hour, there was a slight sound of "click" when the doors opened, and the cuckoo came to sing a well known song. Today, if there is a cuckoo clock, a day, a cuckoo eight days Standard or musical, the only constant is the distinctive call of the "bird in the clock".

Although there are several types of cuckoo are in the world, the distinctive sound most of us associate with the European cuckoo or Cuckoo. The female call is a bit rich trilled laughter, while the male has a hollow sounding reputation, sadly it sounds like: coo coo, coo coo. The cuckoo family with English and scientific names of these particular reputation, and is usually associated with Cuckoo.

The shy English cuckoo has also been called "the time prophet" because he was flying south for the winter, in search of a warmer climate, then again in the season. Very early People say there that it heralds the arrival of spring, because its soft coo coo melancholy is, COO coo call before the other birds that come for their breeding season belongs.

Most of us associate the call familiar cuckoo clock, when we hear the name of the bird, but Kuckuck is actually known for a variety of calls because of his background. Within each species, their calls are remarkably consistent in this particular area of ​​the species in the species areas. While Cuckoos active during the day, call at night many ways. As with the European cuckoo, the names of other species are also derived from their calls. In most cuckoos calls are different from their particular and facilitate their identification.

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