The Carolina Panthers Update Midseason

The Carolina Panthers Update Midseason Reviews

This weekend the Carolina Panthers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in an amazing show of offense the Panthers run. Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart got together as an unstoppable crime-term combination.

Deangelo Williams broke the major races throughout the day and Jonathan Stewart hit the region. It becomes clear that each NFL team will start having two quality starts running NFL back to be effective in the NFL anymore.

Steve Smith has been active in the game, he caught a touchdown pass. It is one of the main reasons that the Carolina Panthers have such a game of effective stroke.

If the Panthers can get their confidence back for the Panthers will have a good season and maybe even make a run at a wild-card spot in the playoffs. Jake Delhomme is very inconsistent and throw many interceptions.

During the off season if John Fox has the opportunity to sign a better quarterback, he should take.

If you look at the last two years, the Carolina Panthers had the opportunity to sign Brett Favre, Michael Vick and how many other rookie quarterback all-star? However, Panther are always stick to Jake Delhomme.

What happened to John Kasay Kicker for the Panthers this weekend? He lost two field goals of 40 yards of something. John Kasay is generally effective even after the 50-yard line. John Kasay is the last original Panthers Carolina and is one of the best kickers in the NFL.

The Panthers almost all the tools they need to be a team dominate the National Football League. With so many tools on the offensive and defensive, it's time to evaluate the quarterback position for the Carolina Panthers.

It is time for the Panthers to fill the missing piece.

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