The Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine In The 1970s

Today, the Cincinnati Reds are a good team, but in the 1970s were absolutely unstoppable. The team sat on the National League in 1970-1976, and the domination they are known as one of the best teams in baseball history. His record was 683 wins and 443 losses, including two titles in the World Series, four National League pennants and five titles in the West of the National League Division. For its success has been nicknamed The Big Red Machine, friendly name of the team kept as long as he made his star players.

The nickname was coined by journalist Bob Hertzel. First published in the Cincinnati Enquirer in 1968, the name stuck as the team won more games. They finished the 1970 season with an impressive 102-60 record.

The starting lineup that could include Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Dave Concepcion, Geoge Foster, Ken Griffey Sr. and Cesar Geronimo. They were called the "Big Eight", a well-deserved nickname when he closed the season with only 19 losses in 88 games with this line-up match. The manager of the team was Hall of Famer Sparky Anderson, a new director at the time.

The Reds were not to win another World Series until 1990.

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