The Main Features and Benefits Of TrueEarnings Costco and American Express

American Express Bank launched for frequent Costco Shopper specialty card, called the TrueEarnings Costco and American Express. Equipped with this very beneficial card, you will enjoy great money offers, especially on purchases at Costco. In addition, TrueEarnings Costco and American Express also serves as an ideal personal card - meet your personal needs good company for dinner, shopping and travel needs.

Main characteristics

Costco card TrueEarnings and American Express offers introductory annual rate of 0 percent (APR). T
erms and conditions of the program will allow you to calculate the APR precisely and easily.

The rewards program

The TrueEarnings Costco and American Express Card gets you 1 percent cash back if you use the card at Costco. You can also earn 3 percent for using the card in a restaurant or to place orders for home delivery. Again, if you use the card for airline tickets, car rentals, cruises and hotels, then you can bag 2 percent cash. O
nline shopping on the Costco website is also rewarded with cash back.

The card also allows for easy access to opensm, a small team from American Express. His opensm connection will help you gather the necessary information like online expense management reports, savings at FedEx, Hertz and other information about your business.

Other benefits offered by the card incorporate automatic savings with partners when using the card to purchase long distance services, car rental, transport services and many more.

Costco members can take advantage of homeowners insurance services, loans and credit from OPEN, and also financial planning services.

Other card benefits

The card offers a sea of ​​benefits, which are truly trustworthy and very lucrative. The card provides coverage for theft, loss or damage, purchase warranty, emergency card replacement, travel accident insurance up to 100,000 accidental death. The hedging loss is applicable for the first thirty days to rent a car from the car rental company.

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