The Natural and Historical Beauty Of National Parks Curacao

While most people who visit Curacao spend their time on the beautiful beaches or explore some of the world's coral reefs, there are also a number of fascinating destinations within the interior of the island. If you are looking for adventure on land in Curacao, there is no better place to start than one of the national parks. Christoffelpark, the largest and most diverse ecological nature of Curacao preserve - Shete Boka, a site dedicated to sea turtles and the northern coast - and Den Dunki a great historical place to relax - each provide adventurous travelers many opportunities for tourism and recreation to outside. If you want the best of both worlds in Curacao, make some time in your routine beach for a national tour of the parks on the island.

Christoffelpark - - best known park of Curaçao has a vast expanse of trails through and around Mount Christoffel. The best hiking can be enjoyed by families with small children, while adventurous travelers can devote the morning to climb Mount Christoffel. Whichever route you choose, there will be many unique plants, birds and creature to identify. Even if you do not feel comfortable for hiking, the park can still be enjoyed by car, as some scenic routes visit many of the most striking places in the park.

Christoffelpark also has its share of historic sites, including one of the first plantations of Curacao and well-preserved ruins of colonial buildings. Zorgvlied plantation - located next to Mt. Christoffel - features a number of interesting ruins, including the foundation of the house and original slave quarters.

ore newly formed National Park Curacao - Shete Boka - is located along the rocky coast of the North Island. The park begins at the picturesque entrance to Boka Tabla. Above the cave, you will find incredible views of the coast windswept Curacao. A well-maintained dirt road leads from Boka Tabla to a series of six smaller caverns, two of which have dedicated trails for hiking. In addition to being great places to enjoy the Caribbean Sea, all Shete Boka entries are protected breeding areas for marine turtles.

The gun in Shete Boka Boka Trail offers visitors the chance to see one of the hidden breeding sites of sea turtles to the vicinity. Besides quiet coves frequented by sea turtles, hikers will find many points worth photographing along the one-hour walk. As the trail follows a stretch of coast windswept, visitors can expect plenty of crashing waves and hitting the top of the limestone cliffs views.

Boka Wandomi Trail carves a calmer way, but the views are no less spectacular. Located between the same limestone cliffs as the Boka Pistol Trail, the Boka Wandomi Trail is known for its rolling, black lava hills and natural stone bridge resting on the Caribbean Sea. National Park Den Dunki provides a stylish place to enjoy the climate of Curacao while immersing visitors in many lesser-known stories of Caribbean history. During the colonial period, the park was used by the Dutch as a camp of African slaves. Today, many architectural ornaments Swan park remain alongside markers dedicated to the multi-faceted past of the island, while the trails that wind through the Den Dunki provide an opportunity for a quiet afternoon getaway.

Each of the national parks Curacao offers great opportunities to discover the history and natural beauty of this remarkable island Caribbean.

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