The New Generation Of Supercomputing In

The most surprising project come across is from a technology group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This think-tank technology, known as Fireseed, collaborate with other experts in the Wisconsin area, plans to build a supercomputer. The FS3 Obsidian project is the business sectors offer much in terms of location, the research dealing with intricate mathematical calculations and simulations that can not be carried out by conventional means. What this means to us is faster, safer, newer and better technology for such things even movie studios are used as important medical breakthroughs, nuclear physics or. Who does not want to see a faster cure for cancer or the ultimate connection speed for internet use?

The interesting thing is that this supercomputer GPUs use to those of us who are not technically savy, are graphics cards. This allows the supercomputer more powerful for a fraction of the price will be. Conventional computers all use CPUs. Think of the power of your home computer times a thousand. The premise of the FS3 Obsidian project is that the performance of supercomputers will be available, not only for companies, to the obvious advantages, but also for students who want to excel in the direction where new technology goes. You will be trained and educated in the use and benefits of the Supercomputer.

The FS3 project resulted from discussions about high-performance computing resources among members of the technology community in Wisconsin, primarily the Milwaukee area. One of the major projects that require the supercomputer resources, a nuclear fusion reactor is simulator project is worked by a Milwaukee member Fireseed group.

The aim in the short duration of the project is to provide the hardware streaming supercomputer design, assemble ready to provide and develop the programming needed to use the FS3 for its initial computational work. The FS3 Obsidian project will be managed by a non-profit organization.

long with numerous other T.I. Professionals know the enormous potential that can do a supercomputer of this scale enterprises in the next era to establish in the future technology.

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