The New Hyundai Sonata

The new Hyundai Sonata can be considered one of the best cars on the road, with lots of features, excellent turn of the road and real competitor in the segment of midsize sedans.

Hyundai faces dishonorable your underpowered and unreliable cars. However, Hyundai Sonata was named number two last year for initial quality and "Midsize Car more attractive."

The current model is built Sonata in the United States and much larger than any previous version. The Sonata has a spacious interior, full of high-quality materials, and has space for extra inch of rear legroom compared to the new Toyota Camry.

The latest Sonata comes complete with dual exhaust outlets and 17-inch wheels on the LX model and the racing style.

Engine options include a 162 horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder with variable valve timing and five-speed manual transmission and 235 horsepower V6 3.3 liter combined with an automatic five-speed transmission with manual-shift capability.

All Hyundai cars come with a warranty and extensive competitive prices, which are only advantages when looking for the benefits of the Sonata in terms of interior quality, space, characteristics, engine design capable and outside.

The Sonata visit is comfortable and feels refined, especially when cruising on the roads, while daily handling suits driving.

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