The Sive Sites Around Curaçao

Many modern diving destinations that are only now gaining the attention and interest of the diving community has little to offer besides great dive sites and numerous dive shops. Just 40 miles north of the Venezuelan coast, Curacao is one of the ABC islands called Antilles located in the Caribbean Sea. Diving is not the only attraction of this beautiful island, arid has to offer.

Although Curaçao is small (only about 40 miles long and 5 miles wide) is home to a rich and diverse culture. Historic buildings and the buzz of vibrant culture are the backdrop for the 180,000 residents who call home Curacao. Four languages ​​are spoken on the island, including English, Dutch, Papiamento and Spanish. Surprisingly, most of the inhabitants of Curaçao is fluent in four languages.

The island of Curaçao has developed itself on the rock lava centuries on which the coral grew. The whole island is surrounded by coral reefs that make diving in Curacao, a major attraction. The coastline of Curacao is dotted with numerous small bays and inlets that help provide some of the 60 dive sites are found on the island. The weather is almost always dry, average temperatures in a lovely 82 degrees.

The dive sites around Curaçao are as diverse as the culture and experiences are on this unique Caribbean island. Many sites are accessible by simply walking on the sea, while others are accessible by boat. Once below, you will be surprised delicate coral, colorful tropical fish, vertical walls, wrecks and even a plane crash.

If you can even become bored with the many dive sites are located in Curacao, a day trip to a nearby island will do. Klein Curacao is a small wild island inhabited only 3 miles off the east coast of Curacao. Diving in this area reveals walls covered with sponges, dolphins, sharks and a variety of colorful corals and exotic marine life.

You can even take a trip on a glass bottom boat that allows you to see the beauty of the beautiful underwater world of Curacao without getting wet.

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