The World Sets Sail In Curacao

The island of Curacao has been known for its outstanding historical and landscape architecture, both on land and at sea. This year, in addition to the Maritime Festival in Curaçao, the island will host the prestigious OPTINAM of the competition, one of the best sailing events for children in the world. Moreover, even if visitors are not able to detect these unique sailing events, Curacao is also home to a variety of navigation maps for all types of tourists.

A set of effort Royal Dutch Navy - a maritime division based in Curacao - Curacao Sail Foundation and the Curacao Sea Festival highlights some of the most fascinating ships in the world. Curacao Maritime Festival was developed as part of the event 500 Sail Curaçao in 1999 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Dutch island. In a continuous effort to draw attention to the beautiful harbor of Curacao and historical connection of the island of sailing, Curacao candle Foundation was established in 2000. Over the past eight years, the Curacao Sail Foundation organized a series of internationally renowned sailing events, for locals and tourists to enjoy the wonders of the Caribbean. Offering practical experience as a sail training for young and old participants, the Maritime Festival Curacao is a great way for families to enjoy not only some of the world's ships, but also the experience of the open sea. In addition, the Maritime Festival Curacao also sponsor a number of free events throughout the month of May, special events live entertainment.

This year, Curacao will also host one of the most important sailing events in the world for children. From June 28 to July 6 200 hundred children from 25 countries will sail off the coast of Curaçao in the OPTINAM annual competition. This unique event has traveled all over the world - the visit to Mexico last year, with plans to sail to Zanzibar in 2009 - and emphasizes the Optimist, a sailing boat designed for children under fifteen. OPTINAM sailing competition will also feature a number of exciting and visualization possibilities events for the public.

Even if your family does not visit Curacao during one of these exciting events, there are many ways to experience sailing in this Caribbean paradise. Moreover, as there is so many assets and sailing charters in Curacao, visitors will be able to choose tours that match their interests. Families with children can set sail on ships that offer practical experience while couples looking for a romantic experience can be pampered with gourmet cuisine aboard sunset cruises.

Your family enjoys the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean aboard a historic ship exposed to Curacao Maritime Festival, part of the amazing children who surf the contest OPTINAM or as part of a private tour of the sail, sailing in Curacao is one of the best ways to enjoy the open water.

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