There Are Many Things To Do In Havana, Cuba

If you are a long time travel to Havana or someone who has always wanted to visit, there are a number of interesting things and culturally interesting to do in this historic capital. While travel to and from Cuba has been severely restricted for half a century, these days there are many opportunities to travel in and around Havana.

Cuba is home to many website UNESCO world heritage and other attractions that lend themselves to an authentic travel experience. One of these important sites of UNESCO is Old Havana, the historic center of the Cuban capital, where you will find many things to do and see.
Experience Living History

You can discover the history of frequent shooting 9:00 Cannon. Without Cuba travel experience would not be complete without experiencing this wonderful tradition. The Revolution Square is another historic and important center which was built in the time of President Batista and renamed when Fidel Castro took power. Visit the Revolution Square you will discover a great symbol of modern Cuban history, many of which are still in training.

Cuban art at its best

Cuba is famous for its artists and the love of art. The national art schools, which have been ordered by Castro in the 1960s are currently being restored and are worth a visit. If you like art or want to study Cuban art, there is no better place to find that this museum, which also has an impressive collection of European works and ancient art from around the world.

Vedado neighborhood

Vedado district is one of the areas to see mandatory Havana. It houses the FOSCA building, which is the tallest building in Cuba, the University of Havana, the world famous John Lennon Park, and several hotels and shops. It is also a center of nightlife and parts of Havana became the center of the gay and lesbian scene in the country. This lively area is a great place to discover all the animations and activities of Havana has to offer modern.

Today, however, professionals who want to search, explore and study this great island, and students can participate in educational visits to Cuba. There are travel companies that will work with North American travelers who want to see the wonders of Havana for themselves. While you are in Cuba, there are lots of activities and places you can visit to get an authentic experience of the island and its rich culture.

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