To Be A Driver, Can Be Fun

Has to be a designated driver, do not be a stumbling block has to - in fact, there are so many benefits for the designated driver to be, we decided to list them all here (or most of them!). Next time when you go out with friends, should step up your friends safe to go home!

No hangover: Sure, go for a few drinks from can be great fun, but the next morning is always rough! Treat your body better not drink, and you will wake up feeling great.

    Less than a bar account. Drinks are expensive! You can do anything to spend hard earned money on other things. Soda sipped all night can save a lot of money.

    You can see how to act other people, if they have a few drinks. It is interesting to see how other people behave after a few drinks. Sit down and see if the friends who spend time with really are great people.

    You have the satisfaction of knowing that your friends get home safely. This is to be one of the greatest benefits of the designated driver!

    You can free drinks. Some bars and clubs to honor the designated driver, offering free drinks to responsible adults (that's you, if you are the DD!).

    How many times have you made a phone call or send a text after drinking? Not drinking means not to make these mistakes.

Doing all fair

If you do not want the designated driver be on all the time, all right. To keep things fair, you can not switch to drinking. Take a taxi, stay at a friend's house to find someone who has not been drinking to bring it home - or call mom or dad to pick him up. There is coming back for alternative routes home.

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