Top 7 Supercomputer, The Man-Made

Every body is currently very familiar with the term supercomputer. They work very fast, with amazing features, etc. Supercomputer brought a revolution in the field of technology as the core research, weather, extensive bookkeeping and more forums.

7. Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel

As was known as numerical wind tunnel, these systems from Fujitsu and the National Laboratory Japan Aerospace was built. He helped weather and airplanes and spacecraft to soften the wind turbulence.

6. ASCI Red

Between 1997 and 2000 ASCI Red was named done as the fastest supercomputer of people. Containing 4,510 compute nodes, 1212 gigabytes of memory and 12.5 terabyte disk space, can have a lasting over 2 Tera FLOPS.

5. ASCI White

It was based on a computer commercial SP IBM's, introduced in 2000. It has 8,192 processors in total with 6 terabytes of storage and 160 terabytes of disk storage. This large supercomputer 2000-2002 could be calculated every second 12300000000000 operation.

4. The Earth Simulator

Then, in 2002, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, built NEC these supercomputers. This had 640 nodes with eight vector processors, 16 gigabytes of computer memory in each node and 10 terabytes of storage.

3. Blue Gene / L BlueGene

is performed at speeds of nearly 500 T FLOPS (Tera FLOPS), the Blue Gene / L supercomputer was the fastest from 2003 to 2008 IBM the new manufacturer was.

2. IBM Roadrunner

This computer holding the second fastest supercomputer in the world with the highest performance 1.45 Peta-flops in November 2008.
In LosAnglas National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA

1. Jaguar

After the TOP500 list of supercomputers, Jaguar is the fastest computers today available across the globe.
Fastest computers in the world have a peak performance of more than 1,750 Tera-Flops (1.75 Peta-flops). It was manufactured by Cray and placed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge.

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