Tours To Cuba Are A Lot Of Fun, In Addition To Being A True Educational Experience

The island of Cuba is known for its beaches of white sand and warm and sunny. Over the last twenty years, the country has received visitors from around the world who want to experience all that this tropical paradise has to offer. Now you have the opportunity to experience their own tour to Cuba, allowing you to enjoy the island so well planned and challenging.

Cuba is one of the last communist countries of the world and not overrun by tourists because of the nature of political isolation for decades. It is located about sixty miles from Key West, Florida, and took sets to open its economy and increase foreign exchange earnings through the tourism industry. Each visit to Cuba is scheduled a little different, which allows you to select the type of culture you're more interested in learning more about. A very typical educational itinerary that includes stops at the University of Havana, University of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba National School Art (ISA), Museum of Fine Arts collection of Cuba "and Cuban Literacy Museum.

There are also plenty of free time scheduled each day so you can enjoy the beaches, water sports such as fishing or diving, not to mention all the fantastic seafood that is served in many of the best restaurants in Cuba.

he historic center of Havana is definitely a place you want to visit on your first trip to the island, because it is a UNESCO heritage. So if you are in works of art that you will not find anywhere else in the world, you want to ensure you spend a little time here shopping for your family and friends.

Please do not think that these visits are all on education and culture. They have all kinds of excellent types of tourist destinations programmed for you and a boat trip to the picturesque island of Cayo Granma.

If you have never been to Cuba, but always wanted to go, now is precisely the time you need to visit before everything starts to change. The country through a difficult period economically and their new leader Raul Castor implements reforms that could change the way the island looks good. This event could change the way the island looks and feels good.

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