Visit Cuba 'Hot Land', Santiago de Cuba To Absorb Some Vibes Caribbean Cuba Holidays

The Cuban initial capital and also its second largest city, a visit to Santiago de Cuba really complete holiday to Cuba for those who want to enjoy the authentic Cuban culture in the South. Nestled in the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by a majestic mountain range, Santiago de Cuba has a unique Caribbean flavor compared to his Cuban contemporaries. Neighboring Haiti and the Dominican Republic influences come together with a cosmopolitan mix of inhabitants of Africa, France (from Haiti) and Spain to Santiago de Cuba a distinct Afro-Caribbean sensation.

But this does not diminish his Cuban identity; if anything this combination of the influence of Caribbean and Cuban history and traditions cultivate the most authentic Cuban experience that you might find. It is the city "heroic" in Cuba, so named for being the birthplace of the Cuban Revolution, as well as playing a key role in the War of Independence. The rich history of the Caribbean festivals par excellence and a deep musical life.

"Hot Land"

Although Santiago de Cuba offers undoubtedly the richest profile of the volatile history of Cuba also offers stunning natural scenery outside the city and warm weather which distinguishes it from Havana. Known as "warm land temperatures" Some degrees above Havana contributed to this unprecedented atmosphere of the Caribbean. Santiago de Cuba, and offers a heady atmosphere, but surprisingly languid. Fortunately, the city is well equipped with fantastic hotels for any price range which means you can come back after a hot walk to rest and refresh.

Carnival Beats

One of the most famous events in Santiago de Cuba Carnival. Carnivals are widespread across Cuba, but the Santiago de Cuba Carnival has a special status in the heart of Cuba. Visit the San Pedro de la Roca del Morro, now declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Other great things to see are the Rum Museum, Troubadours House 'and the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia.

If you like to jump out of town for a day, go to Baconao Park; a beautiful place to enjoy the wilderness in Santiago de Cuba Province.

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