Watson is a Real Need for Supercomputers

Watson is a Real Need for Supercomputers ~ Answering machine / new thought IBM, Watson, is really the beginning of a technological wonder. This supercomputer can already match wits with the brightest minds in the world, quickly access terabytes of information in memory. Imagine even better if companies like Google or Microsoft, add your search engine capability supercomputing would. 

When about it scares Supercomputing head. Can you imagine the scientific progress to do a nation to enable all citizens the right to access to the entire knowledge base of humanity; And not only that, but the ability to apply immediately and quantify all available information related to a specific problem. Given this approach to solving scientific problems facing humanity could soon complex problems in hours or days to release, which lasted until then to be understood for months and years. 

· The administration of drugs and genomics
· Exploration and Mineral Development
· Metallurgy
· Research Time
· Fuel preservation and improvement
· Innovation and Transportation Design
· Food production
· Protection and water infrastructure
· Power generation and infrastructure

As you may be made endless view this list, but these few scientific areas are of particular importance for the future of humanity. is known, the more on the human genome, for example, the best human disease to manage, and thus the use of medicines. This will be, spent on ineffective drugs a big step for mankind due to the high cost and complexity, which often wasted. 

Our President has decreed America is urgent to promote a better education system innovation and development across the spectrum of science. Without much more innovation, especially with poor infrastructure of America, America, the guide is too loose in the scientific development and thus their competitiveness on the world market. If you are still wondering why supercomputers and scientific innovations for the future of America are much let me give you these numbers to my point. The human population of the planet is now 7 billion. Include support not human populations of this magnitude, the supply of oil and the world this freshwater. For those who doubt these population numbers, the numbers can be easily confirmed with a calculator or a spreadsheet such as Excel. Just start with the number 7 billion, the current human population of our planet and add 1.7% per year, the historical human growth rate on our planet, for how many years you want to project. You will see the human population of the planet quickly grows exponentially. In fact, between the years 2090 and 2100, a decade, humanity will increase by about 5 billion people. 

It seems that this answer to all overpopulation problems is "green energy". That is, no matter what comes, solar energy, wind energy and energy crops will save the day; but what is fresh water, the production of suitable crops, minerals and especially the infrastructure to house employ, and maintain 31 billion human souls; going "green energy" solve all these problems? 

To get back to supercomputing and human evolution is possible for mankind to put a bleak future because we somehow draw a line on how many people to support our planet. By that mean humanity calmly and intelligently to develop a birth control work system needs the human population to reduce. We Americans must now use all the equipment and the installation, we can imagine, to increase our knowledge and thus our innovation. Currently, two of the best ways to achieve this goal of innovation, our education system and the development of the largest and fastest supercomputers is to be updated; what education give us the means, will be a better problem solver, while giving us the supercomputing speed to quickly access and analyze specific data.

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