We Are Too Dependent On Computers?

A computer was one of the greatest invention of mankind among other inventions, since the foundation of science began. The development of information technology as it is today is an ongoing process that will never be. Computers, simple as it may seem now in IT, have a complex system down. It takes various disciplines in studies in both computer and electronic to fully understand. After all, the computer itself is divided into branches that science itself.

The word technology, after all, is always correlate with science and science and technology are mutually inclusive each other, terminologies such. Today's computers, however advanced as it may seem, had their origins in the humble beginnings.

As computer started?

The idea of
​​how the algorithm of a computer does its arithmetic is the basis in logic. Soon after, as early as 1820, the personification of Charles Babbage, known as one of the fathers of modern computing, the ideas about how computers should do your calculations, first known as engine difference, it then developed, after becoming what is known as the analysis engine. While Charles Babbage, because of funding problems, can not see their ideas into reality during his life, he is the youngest son, Henry Babbage, who did it in 1910 on its base. The idea of ​​the need to do the math on our behalf as a man, hence the word "computer" is out of the need to deal with complex problems and perform complex calculations that is difficult and takes more time for humans to handle. Especially true during times of the era of industrialization and a great world war, hence the need for this birth. Behaves like a computer, it is what is in a library of a computer.

The development of the computer went from laying the foundation by Charles Babbage as he was inspired by "technology" existing of your time. Names of past important people in the foundation of computers, such as Ada Lovelace, Konrad Zuse, Alan Turing, John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry, Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper, so on and so on, until it giant computer names such as William Gates, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, among others, today's computers are higher in the functions that are their sizes and found a place in the life of all peoples, both personal and commercial use.

How people use computers in their daily lives?

Modern computers have established the foundation of how to perform tasks today. From a simple family fun, like playing games or running multimedia programs, do office work for one of the toughest development programs, a more complex calculation is made in the computers of the NASA made it all possible - all in one box. What happens from time to complete in groups as seen in business without computers, it can now be completed in shorter times with those.

Computers taking over the world

Also one of the most popular use of computers is the Internet. What has been the trend for phones and telegrams became the Internet - and in the world. Literally, computers taking over the world.

Although initially used for military purposes for the simultaneous development of the computer, the Internet became commercialized as used today. To date, billions of people use computers with Internet every day.

Are we really too dependent on computers?

We may be dependent on computers on the Internet, given the information age in which we are, since the beginning of the computer age. But this dependence was first to a good intention - that is, to follow the demands of progress through efficiency and evaluate the necessary work is done with computers that our help and tools. Face it, there are complex jobs out there that can not be effectively done if and only if we have computers. Like a bad addiction, computer addiction of our needs and moderation can be dangerous for us, its members. An ideal tool for tyrants. Although, of course, a cost effectiveness and ease we experienced on the way we do things with computers. These are not statements on dropout computers as we know and we use them, we wake up to the idea that we are without computers and are the ancestors were those without. No, not useless without computers - they are not as capable as someone who is alone and we can not as a complex computer is as a calculating machine. Now the question: "We are too dependent on computers" - The answer is, we both abuse and discretion Ultimately, we use the computer as a technology in our daily lives

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