What Comcast Triple Play?

As the Internet becomes a part increasingly vital to everyday life, cable companies and others who provide Internet services are beginning to offer such packages where customers can pay a reduced price for Internet, cable TV and telephone service. One such service is Comcast Triple Play, which offers subscribers a package that includes HDTV, digital voice service and high speed Internet service.

Comcast is smart to take advantage of the latest technology. HDTV is very popular, although not everyone can not afford to buy a HD TV capable yet. High-speed Internet is much more convenient because it does not block the phone line and view or create multimedia elements such as video or Internet broadcasts is now common.

These activities require a high speed connection. Finally, with a cheap wireless router people can easily join their laptops or video game systems for the Internet as well. For these reasons, people tend to buy a package that includes Internet services at high speeds.

However, Comcast promotional package has not been a successful promotion even though it might be. The main reason for this is that the package has not been marketed properly. Comcast advertising department has done an excellent job of placing banners on the Internet for interested prospects to click to buy the service. However, Comcast's marketing also includes a direct mail program, which is important for customers who do not currently subscribe to Internet services.

Direct mail does not explain how interested customers can contact Comcast for information on the package package. This problem causes other than Internet savvy customers to abandon the package package before they start. Comcast has tried to compensate for this problem by adding a new incentive for your package. Consumers who purchase the package for a limited time, get a free Dell laptop. This promotion will likely appeal to a wide range of people. Comcast Triple Play is a great package for the money. Customers who take advantage of this program will not only get a high speed Internet service and high definition television, but also digital voice. Customers who HDTV should take advantage of this offer.

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