What Is An All Terrain Wagon?

As a retailer of cars and toys for children, who are often asked the question: "What is the difference between a car and a car all terrain" Sarcastic reply is, "It's the kind of car you want that they have when you were little."

If you think back to your childhood and experience with a little red wagon of yours or a friend or a brother, you can remember pulling his cart in the grass or dirt, it was not always so easy. Even on the sidewalk, small rubber wheels hard feel every bump in the road so that the vibrations seemed to run up his arm and move your small entire body.

The thin wheels would just sink into the ground.

Remember to use car while we were collecting wood and pieces to build a strong tree, and at the end it was almost easier to transport timber by hand from A to B instead of the three of we try to push / pull overloaded our car in the grass and the soft soil of the woods. R
emember thinking, "If this damned thing had some large inflatable tires on it" Well, now it does!

There are cars that you remember is that you would like. Today, the drive vehicle takes the classic look of traditional radio flyers cars, either with the classic red metal base or a flat bottom wooden wagon, and maintains performance with a set of 4, inflatable tires large. If you then add a few side rails of wood that you have created not only a brand wagon Course (ATW), but now the entire load of the car lot. Great to carry all your loot! And if you can find someone to shoot him in the car, the ride is much smoother. For added passenger comfort, flyers radio accessories now include car pad to cushion the small pilot funding. Do not worry, if you want your children to suffer like you did, Radio Flyer still makes traditional carts models.

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