What Is Behind Capital One Credit Cards and Savings Products?

In the time since the global financial crisis, it is increasingly a concern in support of the financial institution issuing the credit card or holds your savings account. Title 12 of the US Code, section 325 states in a number of "capital adequacy requirements" in relation to all banks. The purpose of these requirements is to force banks to a good layout of a crisis and ensure that they remain solvent even if a major crisis. Banks should report periodically on their provisions to show regulators that meet the requirements of capital adequacy.

Capital One is the time, when measured by the number of assets, the eighth largest bank in the United States with balance sheet assets of about $ 286bn USD in 2012. Among other honors, the company is also one of the biggest customers of the United States Postal Service. Its headquarters is in Fairfax County Virginia and the current president, CEO and chairman of the company is Richard Fairbank. It is one of the most dynamic banks in American history having been founded in 1988 by the current CEO. Like many banks in the US financial system, Capital One has been the recipient of bail during the 2007 subprime crisis, when he received US $ 3.56bn from the US government in exchange for 3,555,199 shares of the company. Besides being involved in credit cards, Capital One Auto Finance division, which is an important part of society. This division of the company has branches and maintains a physical presence in the form of call centers and online processing of maintenance facilities. The online banking model seems achieved some success, such as personnel costs for low-income and result in lower costs to consumers, and thus a better result.

It has grown steadily during good times and bad credit consumer and continues to grow based on the analysis of its latest financial data. This growth story and the ability to weather financial storms seem to bode well for the credit and Capital One Savings.

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